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Here at On the clock we handpick our stock daily, direct from the largest plant and flower auctions in the world. Constantly updating our live products enables us to bring together a new and unique webshop, with an exciting choice of ever-changing products and live from the auction offers.

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Oxalis Triangularis £6.00
Pot Size: 12cm Height: 20cm
String of Hearts £6.00
Pot Size: 8cm
Hanging Boston Fern £10.00
Pot Size: 19 cm
Trailing Ivy £15.00
Pot Size: 19 cm
low stock
Calathea Flamestar £20.00
Pot Size: 19 cm Height: 70cm
Calathea Medallion £20.00
Pot Size: 19 cm Height: 70cm
Arrowhead Vine £5.50
Pot Size: 12 cm Height: 27cm
Arabica Coffee Plant £5.00
Pot Size: 12 CM Height: 25cm
low stock
Devils Ivy £15.00
Pot Size: 15 cm
Mother-In-Laws-Tounge £8.00
Pot Size: 12cm Height: 35cm
ZZ Plant £9.00
Pot Size: 14cm Height: 60cm
Cheese Plant £8.00
Pot Size: 14cm Height: 55cm
Monstera Obliqua £20.00
Pot Size: 12cm Height: 25m
low stock
Asparagus Fern Sprengeri £4.50
Pot Size: 12cm Height: 25cm
Ivy Mix x3 £5.00
Pot Size: 8.5cm
Ivy £3.00
Pot Size: 12cm
Ivy ring £3.00
Pot Size: 8cm Height: 28cm
Yucca £8.00
Pot Size: 12cm Height: 65cm
Chamaedorea Palm £2.50
Pot Size: 9cm Height: 30cm
Aloe Vera £5.00
Pot Size: 12 Height: 40cm
Parlour Palm £4.50
Pot Size: 12cm Height: 40cm
low stock
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